Our Methods, Your Benefit

A Fresh Contribution to Diversity

In view of growing energy costs and environmental regulations, industrial services have become a true competitive factor in manufacturing industries. Increasing demands make it even more crucial to operate at highest productivity and efficiency rates.


Supporting You All the Way

At Sherbiny Industrial Services, we offer a wide range of after-sales service solutions for industry. We invest in the highest quality tools and equipments to deliver optimum levels of performance. We aim to support our clients right from the earliest stages of planning, engineering, all the way to the desired results.


Sherbiny Means No Downtime

In addition to the high quality of our maintenance products which ensure the level of support you need to guarantee smooth operations for your business, Sherbiny maintain a the largest stock of vital spare parts in the Middle East aimed at minimizing possible downtime. At Sherbiny preparation is not an optional extra, it comes as standard.


Expert Calibration

Sherbiny offer a range of training programs to accommodate the specific requirements of their clients. The engineers at the Sherbiny Service Center are fully qualified to conduct custom designed training sessions for your staff. The Electrical and Instrumentation facility includes a Lab Shop, which contains expert calibration, performance check, fault finding, minor repairs and preventive maintenance of all types of field instruments.


No matter what, at all times we at Sherbiny focus on providing safe and efficient outcomes for our customers with minimal impact on the environment.